Drilling Dynamics Data Capture and Analysis

Data Logger

The Data Logger is a drilling dynamics measurement technology used to capture and report on 3-Axis shock and vibration dynamics experienced downhole.  This sensor can be housed in a dedicated carrier sub or incorporated into the Expro's HI TOOL®.  This capability allows customers to acquire logging dependent data through the use of a vibration mitigation tool, thereby utilizing a single tool to accommodate multiple needs.  

Key features and benefits

  • Accentuates the capabilities of the already proven and successful Harmonic Isolation Tool
  • 3-Axis vibration measurements deliver a clear illustration of downhole dynamics
  • Accurate RPM, inclination, and azimuth readings can be used to quantify tool deflection
  • Substantial memory storage for extended drilling periods
  • Simple design provides easy sensor removal and quick data downloads at the well site
  • Custom configuration ensures application alignment with specific well details and data targets
  • Options available for data collection via dedicated carrier sub
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