Torque Reduction and Tubular Wear Mitigation

AEGIS™ Tubular Protector

Expro's AEGIS™ Tubular Protector offers a powerful solution to the excessive tubular wear and high torque experienced in today’s complex and demanding drilling applications. A proprietary Expro technology, it was developed to address the challenges of extended reach drilling environments and the dynamic forces prevalent in aggressive open hole operations.

The AEGIS™ Tubular Protector is designed and manufactured to withstand the most difficult downhole environments, with an axial holding force of 30,000 lbs. and a lateral force of 5,000 lbs. It attaches to the outside diameter of the drill pipe. Inner steel clamps remain stationary on the drill pipe tube body, while the outer sleeve halves are coupled together around the inner clamps. During operation, the inner clamps rotate with the drill string, while the outer sleeve remains stationary against the sides of the wellbore. This eliminates the contact between the wellbore wall and the drill string, isolating any wear to the outer sleeve of the AEGIS™ Tubular Protector while protecting the casing and drill pipe.

Key features and benefits

  • Limits casing and drill string wear and reduces torque
  • Not dependent on stand length or derrick height limitations
  • Does not extend the length of the original drill string
  • Eliminates potential for marking pipe and de-rating drill string
  • Robust design, durable for open hole applications
  • Compatible with wired pipe applications
  • Requires fewer tools than other similar solutions on the market


Drill String Torque Reducer (DSTR™)

The Drill String Torque Reducer (DSTR™) is a drill string tool intended for use in deviated wells where excessive rotary torque causes drilling and casing wear problems. The DSTR™ tool can reduce casing wear across the build section. For a given deviation profile, the applications program assists in maximizing the tool’s performance by determining the deployment in the critical sections of the borehole. For most extended reach drilling (ERD) applications, the tools are used in the build sections of the borehole, helping to extend the envelope of rotary drilling.

Key features and benefits

  • 5-in., 5 1/2-in., 5 7/8-in. and 6 5/8-in. sizes
  • Reduces friction factor and casing wear
  • Can withstand 14,000 lbf side force
  • One piece mandrel with mechanical properties exceeding the specification of the drill pipe
  • Overall dimensions permit use within standard drilling stand and average derrick height
  • Improves reliability and integrity under severe downhole conditions
  • Dual sleeve retention mechanism provides downhole reliability
  • Designed for cased and open hole applications
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