Galea™ - Autonomous well intervention system

Are you experiencing solids build up in your well bore?

Are you experiencing solids build up in your well bore?

The Galea™ system acts as a guardian of your well

The Galea ™ wax, solids and asphaltenes removal system acts as a custodian of your well, maximizing production by using an autonomous system to remove solids from the well bore in a safe manner. Without remediation, production can stop completely. This is an ongoing issue, which can have a severe impact on the profitability of an operator’s assets.

The system is a fully automated well intervention service, which allows the operator to maintain their well and reduce downtime, thus generating more income with reduced overheads.

Benefits include:

  • Reduction in deferred production
  • Reduction in operational overheads
  • Wax scraping intervals defined by well conditions rather than availability of wireline crew and equipment
  • Reduced HSE exposure for personnel due to reduced time spent at the well site
  • Reduced environmental impact to field and surrounding area
  • Allows production to continue to remote locations, or areas that are inaccessible to wireline crews at certain times of the year
  • 24/7 monitoring from anywhere in the world
  • Elimination of accidental wire breaks
  • Allows your production to continue within minimal downtime

A fully autonomous, efficient, and safe solution to keep your well producing

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