DST SRO and data services

Expro has continuously developed its capability to acquire accurate and reliable high quality data, allowing the customer to make informed decisions quickly, effectively and efficiently.

The CaTS™ family of DST SRO products comprises:-

  • EXchangeTM – 15k psi, 150 deg. C full wireless to surface with relay stations
  • EXtract 1TM – 10k psi, 125 deg. C below packer sensor station with data retrieval via e-line intervention
  • EXtract 2TM – 15K psi, 150 deg. C below or above packer sensor station with data retrieval via e-line intervention

The CaTS EXchangeTM wireless surface readout (SRO) system provides real time bottom hole data on demand throughout the test

EXchange transmits data to surface in real time using electromagnetic (EM) signals. Having access to SRO data provides confidence in the data quality and quantity, leading to early decision making and optimization of the testing program duration.

System benefits include :

  • Uses the proven CaTS wireless communications technology
  • High specification quartz crystal sensors
  • Dual redundancy throughout the system for enhanced reliability
  • Dual purpose gauge features both SRO and memory functionality
  • Options exist for both fully wireless SRO plus data retrieval via well intervention
  • Suitable for use in high H2S/CO2 harsh condition environments
  • Real time SRO data available during artificial lift using PCP/ESP
  • Compatible with onshore, jack-up and semi-submersible operations
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