Savino Owusu Ansah

Savino Owusu Ansah

Senior Commercial Analyst

I am a chartered accountant by profession and a graduate from the University of Ghana Business School, where I started my career through the Vodafone discover graduate programme. My remarkable Expro career began with the SSA Finance team as the Region Treasurer, a role I held for eight months and subsequently moved to the commercial role for SSA. After two years of being the Commercial Analyst for SSA, I got an opportunity to join the Group Subsea Commercial team as a Senior Commercial Analyst. I see this as an important driver in my career growth and I have already started seeing the positive impact of this move on my development. I am also married and blessed with a beautiful daughter.

‘Three words I would use to describe myself - Analytical, Self-possessed, and humble.’

My role in simple terms is a decision support function, which means I assist management and executives with data and analysis to help make pricing decisions with the ultimate goal of winning work, fundamental to the growth of the business.

‘Planning for your own future takes willingness to learn and be trained.’

I believe every job and profession has challenges. In my role, I think the challenge is managing all the stakeholders to get the required data in the form of market pricing intelligence and costs to ensure that when it comes to the actual delivery of a project, the actual results will not be miles away from what my work had projected; sometimes years back.

When I reflect on what I’ve achieved there have been some moments like graduating with first-class honours from the university, qualifying as an accountant one year after university, and also having a loving family.

However, what stands out for me is when I reflect on the time I was first told by Kevin Boumba, former SSA finance controller, that I am being transferred into the SSA Commercial role when it became vacant. I still remember it as if it was yesterday, he told me he had assured the relevant people that I am one of his best people and therefore he knew I would perform in the role. He only needed me not to disappoint and I believe I did not disappoint, of which I feel proud.

‘I knew the impact of failing and the opportunities that could arise from performing.’

My time with Expro has massively shaped me into the expert I am today. I joined as the SSA Region Treasury Analyst reporting to a Region Finance Controller. That was a high responsibility for me and I knew the impact of failing and the opportunities that could arise from performing. The time spent has helped me gain more practical experience as a Chartered Accountant.

I always strive to get to the next level in terms of delivery because I believe the moment I achieve something extraordinary, then that should be a standard for the new ordinary and therefore seek the next level of extraordinary. I am not sure if I am an extraordinary performer but I believe my current manager and previous managers may be the best people to tell.

To play my part in shaping the future. I always engage with younger professionals to share experiences and help them learn. It is also important to me to interact with my peers, to share ideas and best practices.

My typical day in life has changed since the COVID-19 outbreak. Travel time to work is now an additional resting period. Normally, I start with reading any emails which might have come through in the night and then prepare for a daily team meeting to share a working plan for the day with colleagues. Usually, the most urgent task gets priority. Because of working from home, typically, I can get part of the lunch break spent with family.

I feel proud to be part of Expro, which I believe our “People” core value speaks to. I believe Expro is a company that gives enough responsibilities and opportunities for career growth and development, a priceless opportunity for a young professional.