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Our journey

Expro has delivered efficient, reliable and innovative subsea solutions around the globe since 1981, from in-riser to open water and shallow and deep water applications, meeting our customers’ project specific requirements and the latest industry standards.

Subsea safety systems are critical in delivering safe, compliant and efficient operations in all subsea applications. Today’s subsea operations require superior functionality, performance and reliability because they are exploring in increasingly deep water, and must be able to handle higher pressures and temperatures. With this in mind, we are continually developing our subsea solutions using integrated design and qualification processes, which ensure that equipment meets the highest performance criteria.

  • High temperature:  in-riser and open water products. PR2 tested to up to 150oc. Additional bespoke temperature testing to meet specific client demands
  • High debris: innovative and unique ball/seat designs to withstand a high debris operating environment. Aggressive media testing is carried out on our valve mechanisms in order to meet specific client requirements
  • Coiled tube cutting: unique and innovative ball valve cutting mechanisms to enable cutting of high yield and maximum O.D coiled tubing and/or wire/slickline. Successfull cuts up to 2.375” O.D coil and up to 139ksi yield material
  • API17 G: landing string technologies designed, developed and qualified in accordance to the latest API 17G specification


New Technology

Expro’s award-winning Next Generation Landing String (NGLS) provides the optimal subsea well intervention and commissioning system for the global oil and gas industry. 

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