Well Flow Management

Proficiently gathering valuable well and reservoir data, with the utmost regard for well-site safety and environmental impact
The industry leader in fully integrated well flow management solutions for over 50 years.

The industry leader in fully integrated well flow management solutions for over 50 years.

We measure and control reservoir fluids performance to provide insight and fast track solutions for production optimization, while reducing the impact to the environment.

Expro is one of the most experienced international well test companies in the world, offering our customers the complete range of mobile systems and specialist services, delivering quality data and operational efficiency across land and deep water well sites. 

With almost 50 years' experience of delivering our customers' test objectives, Expro provides integrated solutions across the exploration and appraisal phase of any well. The data that we provide throughout every well test allows our customers to plan the optimal exploitation of their reservoirs.

We support full life-of-field through production to abandonment with innovative and agile solutions.

Case studies

Compact and mobile MPFM Test Package provides data to customer in challenging conditions

Expro provides an efficient solution for pipelines plugged with heavy scale

ExHg™ Packages mobilized on fast-track basis

Innovative well testing solution for recovering entrained oil in evaporation pond

Expro’s Multiphase Pumping as a low Capex solution to late in life wells

Well intervention, remediation, monitoring and long-term surveillance delivered for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) pilot project

Expro provides fit-for-purpose well test solution to geothermal developer partner

Portable low carbon footprint solution for Wet Gas deliverability and production testing

Wireless Integrity Monitoring in deep water subsea well to meet suspension regulations

10 years comprehensive water analysis for pioneering UK carbon capture and storage (CCS) project

Expro meets strict produced water specification on brownfield site

Instrumenting water injector wells to improve field development decisions

Assessing static assumptions of a deep gas platform appraisal well

Extreme service Permanent Downhole Monitoring solution for a HP-HT gas condensate asset

First closed loop return in descaling operation, ensuring zero controlled H2 S releases

Accelerated Production Solution provided customer with early cash to finance long term project

Compact solution for multiphase flow measurement on wet gas wells

Fast Track Gas Production & Monitoring

Expro’s TCP team successfully delivers first underbalanced perforated completion for key European Geothermal project

Metering, Sampling and Analysis campaign supports major expansion project

CaTS retrofit wireless monitoring system delivers real-time data-to-desk to optimize water injection

Innovative LCM clean-up solution

Maximizing value of an appraisal DST using CaTS™ wireless gauges

Barrier monitoring in a temporarily abandoned well

DST tools withstand extreme-duration exposure

Acumen metering provides potential production optimization solutions in Brunei

MPFM based portable testing improves field production allocation

50,000BPD FWKO delivered on a fast track basis

Downhole monitoring for unconventional gas field development

Enhanced production test monitoring through onsite analysis package

Expro expertise supports testing for UK’s first geothermal power plant

Non-intrusive solution for in-line ultrasonic meter verification

Expro completes bespoke Portable Water Injection Module (PWIM) in 20 weeks

High production, fast track of 220,000 bpd EPF

Expro provides a cost effective design for the upgrade of an Oily Water Treatment Package in North Africa

Safe, efficient and effective wellbore plug and abandonment operations

Expro assists in developing cost effective design for converting an oil rig to a MOPU

Mercury removal at gas processing facility

Clamp-on measurement on coated and wrapped pipe surfaces

Expro tames “The Leopard”

Carbon-efficient solution reduces operating CO2 footprint by 57%

Verifying existing inline metering

CaTS gauges deployed for asset integrity monitoring

Expro provides topside process facilities for 90-day heavy oil EWT

ESP production well diagnosis

Expertise in deepwater subsea/ultra-high flow operations enables largest gas field development in Eastern Mediterranean

Optimisation of gas lift network performance

Expro assists in enhancing production

Evaluating onshore reservoir connectivity in Algeria

ActiveSONAR contributes to “zero flaring” gas compression

Unique solids management flowback design decreases intervention operating time by 30 days

Reinstating instrumentation in a production well on an unmanned installation

Reinstating instrumentation in production observation wells

Subsea well riser monitoring for flow assurance and production surveillance

Instrumenting dual string completions at the sandface

Wireless downhole monitoring system provides long term aquifer surveillance

Open-hole barrier data transmissions

HPHT well with underbalanced annulus successfully tested, onshore India

First fully integrated service package in Mexico

SONAR meter assures $8 million for the customer on a stabilised crude oil trunk line

Successful well test contract start-up in Brunei during global pandemic

Expro treats facility produced water to comply with strict local environmental regulations

Quantifying connected reservoir volume as part of an extended well test

Milestone 200,000 man hours free LTI operation at first modular gas plant in India

Expro delivers fast track produced water treatment in 14 weeks

Non-intrusive measurement solution prevents potential NPT

Expro delivers integrated well testing services for Northern Lights Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) well

Expro DST and TCP excels in world’s most active E&A offshore contract

Record breaking TCP performance offshore India

Cost effective non-intrusive solution for brownfield redevelopment

Expro saves in excess of 15 hours rig time with first fully integrated service package in Mexico

Expro assists in improving field management

Expro delivers a fast track gas production facility in 10 months

Open hole sample characterisation in the Gulf of Mexico

Existing inline metering correction and insight into process conditions

Rapid deployment of mercury analytical package

Delivery of non-intrusive solution for ESP optimisation

Asia performs a technology first for Expro and Petronas

Clamp-on metering improves operational efficiency

MultiTrace technology reduces production rate uncertainties

Innovative approach to well killing operations

Reducing flaring through gas compression solution

Expro ActiveSONAR™  resolves customer metering uncertainty

Fast track water separation on an EPF

Expro ActiveSONAR™ confirms success of well remediation programme

Robust non-intrusive metering provides real time volumetric flow rate on sour water disposal wells

First TCP job in Argentina

High rate well testing operation in high gas production field

TCP dynamic underbalance and vertical orientation to maximise production

Customer upgrades clamp-on metering

Contribution to a zero flare campaign in Nigeria

Flowline integrity and leak detection surveillance

Fast-track bespoke production enhancement solution in South East Asia

First dual zone DST in India

Expro’s experience in high-rate well testing enables customised production solution

Efficient flowline processing for a decommissioning project

Dynamic underbalanced TCP system avoids well stimulation

TCP ‘shoot and drop’ system used to complete an offshore production well

Rigless integrated services

First EXACT™ tool deployment in UKCS

Collaborative cost-effective TCP solution enhances well productivity

First extended well testing using the hull of a drillship

Innovative well testing delivers fast-track production solution

Fast track modular processing plant in India

Incremental production delivered on a fast-track basis

Bulkwater removal system, ExH20™, increases production and reduces ESP back pressure

Innovative well testing solution for new subsea well in Gulf of Mexico

High accuracy retrograde condensate measurement for facility’s export gas fingerprinting

Non-intrusive measurement of volumetric flow rate and phase fraction (CGR/WGR) in remote gas wells

EPF upgrades double production capacity and facilitates first oil

Check metering improves production separator performance and throughput in Middle East project

High performing HPHT TCP services in Gulf of Mexico

Full DST and TCP services package to support local operator in Egypt

World first wireless annular barrier monitoring of a non-cemented liner in a subsea well

Wellhead production surveillance on offshore gas condensate field

Fast-track Early Production Facility for Middle East operator

Heavy oil challenges in Santos Basin, Brazil

First flare boom with express, integrated hoisting winch developed

Fast track avoids production shut down to meet environmental regulatory requirements

Innovation drives efficiency in rigless well abandonment in Southern North Sea

Modelling support avoids downhole equipment failure and costly fishing operations

Increased surveillance efficiency whilst reducing slickline unit time for BHP measurement

Real-time wireless PCP monitoring

Expro-designed dynamic underbalanced perforating improves production

Innovative perforating system for deepwater, high pressure, subsea wells

Customised PSD/ESD electronic system and enhanced well testing saves client two rig days ($800k)

First closed loop milling returns system in South Texas - zero uncontrolled H2S releases

PassiveSONAR™ enhances safety and efficiency of cavern storage operations

Unique gas void fraction measurement to improve separator performance and accuracy

100% performance score over 8 wells by Chevron for Gorgon field

Ultra high rate testing capability in remote location, West Africa

Supplier of choice - ranked joint 1st in Chevron’s 2014 performance evaluation

Providing industry-leading portable flaring instrumentation unit

First time right approach key to challenging conditions of Corrib Project delivery

Lift clamp reduces time and improves safety in deploying record 5,000ft TCP gun length

CaTS™ Gauges provide early indication of condensate banking

Wireless barrier verification during well suspension and P&A

Reducing reservoir uncertainties during field appraisal

Sonar surveillance successfully supports Woodside to increase production

Expro delivers ultra-high rate gas well testing offshore Israel

Toe sliding sleeve solutions for HPHT wells eliminates intervention saving rig time

Expro restores production from previously closed-in wells enhancing field production

Safety record recognised with Eni safety award: over 535,000 hours with no LTIs

Reducing uncertainty in connected volumes during Barents Sea appraisal

Wireless monitoring provides critical data during early stage DFD

Expro FPF upgrade delivers Chevron’s first oil

Cost effective shallow water subsea intervention on lift boat with cantilever deck

Innovative modular package avoids modifications to rig to achieve first oil target

Expro provide gas-to-power Early Production Facility (EPF) in Cameroon

Wireless sandface monitoring delivers production optimisation in big bore high-rate gas wells

Expro modular package reduces installation time by 75% gaining 68 man days

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