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Professional Paper Slickline Deployed Fibre Optic Cable Provides First Ever Production Profile For High Temperature Gas Well

S. Berry, M Webster Expro Group Ltd.; D. Dirya, G. Cowie, A.R. Hooker, R. Innes, R. Gray, TotalEnergies E&P UK Ltd

Professional Paper Completion Design and Equipment Selection to Facilitate Operations in a New Deepwater Region

C. Giuliani; T. Tahirov and W. Hou; Y. Xiao; M. Eissa; M. Varghese; K. McKenzie; A. Roy; M. Leng

Professional Paper Application of Tubing Stem Test as Alternative Low-Cost Solution for Dynamic Reservoir Evaluation: Case Study from Appraisal Well in Offshore Malaysia

Adhi Naharindra

Professional Paper Non-Intrusive Technologies for Prudent Brown Field Redevelopment – An Operator’s Experience

Santa Rajan and Siddesh Sridhar, Expro and Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd, SMS Oilfield, and Amserve Engineering Sdn Bhd

Professional Paper The Selection and Optimum Well Testing Practices to Achieve Zero Flaring & Venting in Malaysian Water for a Petronas Field Development

Dolores Sarical and Nurbaiti Baharuddin, Expro and Petronas CarigaliSdn Bhd, and Petronas PD&T

Professional Paper Pioneering Rigless Perforating, Clean-Up Operation, Well Testing with MPLT and Bottom Hole Sampling in Remote Platform

Preveen Kumar Rajan , Adhi Naharindra, Shazana M Zaki, & Mior Yusni, (Petronas) ; Nurbaiti Baharuddin (Expro)

Professional Paper A Validated Methodology to Establish Structural Capacities for Subsea Connector Families

Michael Stephens, Simon Roberts, Derek Bennet

Professional Paper Maximizing Injection Performance Through Fit-for-Purpose Dynamic Underbalance Perforation Using Unconventional Gun System in Offshore Well, Sarawak, Malaysia

Nurul Aula A'akif Fadzil; Nik Fazril Ain Sapian; Fuziana Tusimin; Latief Riyanto Latief Riyanto; Shazana M Zaki; Asba Madzidah A

Professional Paper Bridging the Gap Between Reservoir and Sample; Reducing Asset Development Risk by using Down-Hole Mercury Trapping and Non-Reactive Sampler for Trace Component Sampling

Bjorn Dybdahl, Siv Lie, Michael Langford and, Oddfinn Thowsen (Expro)

Professional Paper A Novel Approach to Fatigue Life Assessment of Subsea Connectors

Derek James Bennet, Andrew Macdonald Carmichael and, Simon John Roberts (Expro)

Professional Paper Design Methodology for the Structural Capacity and Shakedown Assessment of Bolted Joint Connections in Subsea Open Water Systems

Weihang Chen, Michele Orlando, and Simon Roberts (Expro)

Professional Paper Wellbore Cleanup Best Practices – A North Sea Operator’s Experiences

A.J. A Fleming (Expro), R.R. Appleby (Talisman Energy UK Ltd)

Professional Paper Mobile Gas Lift Compressor and Well Unloading System for Enhancing Oil Production and Reserves

Jarrad Rexilius, Tipparat Wamanon and Akshay Sahni (Chevron)

Professional Paper Reducing Reservoir Uncertainty During Appraisal and Development

B. P. Champion (expro, E. A. Puntel (Petrobras)

Professional Paper Application of Sonar Flow Measurement for Field Wide Surveillance of a Mature Gas Field

Sivajeev Jeyakumar and Nicolas Bentley (Centrica Energy E&P), Siddesh Sridhar and Ahmed Hussein (Expro)

Professional Paper New Approach For In-Line Production Testing for Mature Oil Fields Using Clamp-on SONAR

Giovanni Morra (ENI spa),Dhia Naeem (SOC), Siddesh Sridhar & Ahmed Hussein (EXPRO),Sara Scagliotti (Eni)(E&P),Ali Al Alwan (SOC)

Professional Paper Use of Sonar Metering to Optimize Production in Liquid Loading Prone Gas Wells

C. A. Shields, M. Dollard (Marathon Oil U.K. LLC), S. Sridhar, G. Dragnea, M. Illingsworth (Expro)

Professional Paper Accurate Volumetric Flow Rate and Density Based Water

Richard Volz (BP), Daniel Gysling, and Douglas Loose (CiDRA Corp)

Professional Paper New Class of Meter Solves Old Problem Impacting Well Test Accuracy

E.R. Ward (BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc.)

Professional Paper Lessons Learned From Statfjord A Oil Spill and Actions Taken to Reduce Spill Risk

Trond Slokka Meling and Per Heen (Statoil)

Professional Paper The Seven Pillars of Well Integrity Management

Simon J Sparke (Tullow Oil Plc), Richard Conway (Expro North Sea), Simon Copping (Expro North Sea)

Professional Paper A New Wireless Retrofit Solution

B.P Champion (Expro), A Strong and N Moodie (BP Exploration Operating Company Limited)

Professional Paper A Systematic Approach to Well Integrity Management

Alex Annandale (Marathon Oil UK), Richard Conway (Expro), Simon Copping (Expro)

Professional Paper Challenges in Working Over-severely Corroded Water Injectors for PWRI Application

Alex Malcom (Expro)

Professional Paper Development Qualification of a New Wireless Controlled Retrofit Safety Valve

Professional Paper Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Rock Strength Data in Sanding Prediction

P.G. Taylor (Expro), R.R. Appleby (Talisman Energy UK Ltd)

Professional Paper Novel Wireless Solution to Address uncertainties in Reservoir Connectivity

B.P. Champion (Expro)

Professional Paper Ormen Lange: Delivering Production Optimisation and an Improved Reservoir Understanding

B.P. Champion (Expro)

Professional Paper Harsh environment HPHT Gas-Condensate Production Clean-up experiences - Kristin Field

Arild Fossa (Expro), Kjell Erik Wennberg (Statoil), Trong S Bratteteig (Expro), Helge Aase (Expro)

Professional Paper The Challenges of Designing HP/HT Equipment

Andrew Forsyth (Expro), Daniel More (Expro), Brian Saucier (DeepMar), A Stawaiz (Chevron), Dave Gill (Stress Services Ltd), Ray

Professional Paper Clair Field: Reducing Uncertainty in Reservoir Connectivity During Reservoir Appraisal

B.P. Champion (Expro), I.R. Searle and R.K. Pollard (BP plc)

Professional Paper Successful Deployment of a New Intervention Technology Using a Reinforced, Flexible, High Pressure Hose; a World’s First

Kevin Mathew John, Marie L. Morkved, Ingvar Grannes, Jarle Haugvaldstad, Stian Steinsholm

Professional Paper New Well Intervention Means as an Answer to Offshore Minimalist Platform Concept: A Breakthrough from Mahakam, Indonesia.

Risal Rahman, Reyhan Hidayat, Pratika S. Kurniawati, Rantoe Marindha, Gerardus P. Pancawisna, Gitani T.Dahnil, Khalid Umar

Professional Paper Carbon Footprint Reduction, Operation Efficiency and Low Operation Cost by Deploying CoilHose™ as Light Well Circulation System on Marginal Field in Malaysia

Sunanda Bela, Muhammad Bakar, Wan Hamat, Nurul Abu Bakar, Adhi Naharindra, Stian Steinsholm, Nurbaiti Baharuddin, Nas Yusairi

Professional Paper Sustained Annulus Pressure: A Case Study into the Application and Integration of Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing

Michael James Webster, Elena Fiorilo, Maria Eugenia Salamanca, Andrea Cristina Lopez, Carlos P. R.Orlandi, Lena Urmantseva

Professional Paper Quantum Leap in Intervention, Rectification of High Annulus Pressure (HAP) at Offshore Malaysia Using a Novel Annulus Intervention System - Operator Case Study

Abdul Osman, Aulfah Azman, Rayner Sipangkui, M. Sujavudin, Sy M. Shahril Sy Ahmad, Shar Shafie, M. M. Nor, M. N. Nazirmuddin

Professional Paper Making Wells Safer; Rectification of High Annulus Pressure via Diagnostic and New Technologies Through Annulus Intervention Method

Abdul Osman, Aulfah Azman, Rayner Sipangkui, M. Nazirmuddin, Izura Aripin, Arie M. Utta, M R. Sujavudin, Sy M Shahril Sy Ahmad

Professional Paper Criteria for Robust Mercury Sampling and Analysis; A Review of Case Studies and Lessons Learnt

Michael Langford

Professional Paper Mercury speciation in liquid petroleum products: Comparison between on-site approach and lab measurement using size exclusion chromatography with high resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectr

Florine Gaulier,Alexandre Gibert, David Walls, Michael Langford,Stuart Baker, Arnaud Baudot, Fabien Porcheron, Charles Lienemann

Professional Paper Unlocking Next Generation Well Construction Through Smart and Intelligent Tubular Running Process: Successful Application of Digitalization, Personnel Reduction, and Promoting Safety

A. Mahmood, L. E. Smith, R. Thibodeaux, J. Angelle, and Dougal Brown

Professional Paper First Application of Coiled Hose in Indonesia and First Deployment of Coiled Hose with Roller Boogies in the World to Access Highly Deviated Well

G. Pancawisna; R. Hidayat; G. Dahnil; R. Rahman; P. Kurniawati; R. Marindha; K. Ferdian; I. Setyaji; M. Masrur; S.Steinsholm

Professional Paper Increasing the Safety and Efficiency of Completions with the Utilisation of Remote Manipulation Systems and Elimination of Hanging Sheaves

Neil Alleman; Expro

Professional Paper Optimizing Tubular Running Services through Digital Solutions – Doing more with Less!

Robert L. Thibodeaux Jr. Expro; Logan E. Smith. Expro; Azfar Mahmood. Expro

Professional Paper Digital Transformation For Promoting Renewable Energy & Sustainability: A Systematic Approach For Carbon Footprint Reduction In Well Construction

Azfar Mahmood. Expro; Robert L. Thibodeaux Jr. Expro; Jeremy Angelle. Expro; Logan E. Smith. Expro.

Professional Paper Best Practices for Handling Completion Tubulars to Ensure Design Life Well Integrity in HPHT Wells

Jeremy Angelle, Expro; Neil Alleman, Expro

Professional Paper Agitating Explosives in Extended Reach Wells: A Good Idea?

Kerry G. Daly; Jack J. Kollé
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