Extreme well surveillance

Is the reliability of your downhole monitoring system a critical factor for the ongoing management of your asset?

Through our collaboration with Emerson Process Management, our life of well and extreme service well applications is the most robust system in the toughest of well conditions. 

Key system components:

  • Downhole pressure and temperature gauge
  • Downhole gauge carrier
  • Downhole gauge cable
  • Cable clamps
  • Wellhead interface
  • Gauge interface


Features and benefits:

  • Expro's relationship with Emerson Process Management provides robust technology and service provision
  • Field proven technology in high pressure, high temperature reservoir surveillance environments
  • Our high resolution and accurate sensors ensure the representative data is of the highest integrity
  • Digital telemetry offer flexibility as multiple gauges can be deployed on the same downhole gauge cable
  • Our flexible interface gives you straightforward connectivity to an existing data infrastructure

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