Non-explosive tubing punches and cuts

With a global license for MCR patented technology, this enables Expro to offer tubing punch and cut services without the use of explosives or hazardous materials. Torches and cutters are able to be deployed using either electric line or slickline, enabling operations to be conducted within 1.5” coiled tubing to 9 5/8” casing.

Radial Cutting Torch (RCT)

The RCT is a patented cutting device used to sever tubing, casing, drill pipe and coil tubing in any well condition. The RCT utilizes a proprietary mixture of powdered metals. The resultant molten plasma is then ejected through the nozzle section and onto the target tubing producing a clean cut without flaring or swelling.

Perforating torch

Utilizing the same non explosive technology as the RCT, the range of perforating torches produces large circulating holes from 0.38 to 7.5 sq in. This enables large flow areas to be achieved resulting in reduced surface pumping pressures and higher circulating rates to be achieved.

Plug and packer setting

Using a non-explosive replacement for conventional explosive power charges enables any plug or packer to be set using industry standard setting tools without the requirement for explosives.


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