Surge Reduction Systems

Allows tight tolerance casing running while lowering formation breakdown risk

Diverter systems mitigate formation surge and drill pipe overfill to ensure casing and liner strings are installed with minimal mud loss for improved zonal isolation.

The system allows fluids to flow from the wellbore below, through the ID of the casing and drill pipe, and into the annular space above the diverter.  ULTRAFLO™ Diverter System, available in single, dual, or triple configurations, is an integral part of the surge reduction system. The ULTRAFLO™ significantly increases well integrity by eliminating pressure drops across the casing or liner hanger equipment and reduced ID of the work string to reduce surge on the open-hole formation. The ULTRAFLO™ Dual Diverter System is an exclusive, patented method to run diverter subs above and below the hanger when running casing with an inner string for maximum surge reduction. When combined with the ULTRASEAL™ Auto-Fill Float EquipmentULTRALATCH™ Subsurface Release Plug System, and ULTRAFLUSH™ Centralizer Sub, the ULTRAFLO™ Diverter System provides optimal surge reduction in tight tolerance well bores.

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