Caliper services

Ranging from microscopic mechanical calipers to 60-arm multi-finger electronic calipers, Expro offers a wide selection to suit every well, ensuring optimization of the data.

Multi-finger calipers

Expro has the largest mechanical caliper inventory in the industry and as such, has a wide selection of calipers to suit every well. From microscopic mechanical calipers to 60-arm extended multi-finger calipers capable of logging from 1.9” tubing to 22” diameter casing. With this capability, Expro can specify the best tool for the survey, ensuring optimization of the data collected.

Kinley mechanical caliper

Our fully mechanical tools are capable of surveying wells that are out with the operating pressure and temperature range of electronic caliper tools. Almost every well can be logged in a single pass. Once recovered to surface, the data from the tool can be digitized in the field and transmitted electronically to one of Expro’s data analysis Centers for interpretation.

Electronic calipers

Expro’s electronic calipers can be run in either memory or surface readout mode. The data can be quickly verified on site and transmitted to one of our analysis Centers. The caliper tools can be combined with other electronic sensors, such as thickness tools or correlating sensors to give a comprehensive data presentation of the wells status.

Thickness tools

The Magnetic Thickness Tool (MTT) is designed to investigate variations in metal thickness within the well. Used in conjunction with multi-finger caliper data, the MTT enables metal loss to be monitored on the outside wall of the casing or tubular.

Caliper analysis

Expro have extensive experience of analyzing caliper data, with our data analysis Centers processing over four million feet of caliper data per year. Our advanced software package uses both statistical analysis and 3D viewer packages for visualization of caliper data. Every report includes client versions of the software package, enabling engineers to view data on their own computers.

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