Completion Technologies

We anticipate and solve complex customer challenges

We anticipate and solve complex customer challenges with a portfolio of technology focused well construction solutions. 

Our completions capabilities apply the engineering expertise and customized solutions to bring the most complex wells into production more efficiently.



We have developed equipment specifically designed for installing complex and exotic completion tubulars and associated components such as control lines and umbilical that extend the life of the well, safely and efficiency. We place a huge emphasis on well integrity from both corrosion mitigation and connection assurance We are proud to be able to service all types of completions, from sump pump to landing string.


Riser services

We offer an array of production riser handling tools and equipment designed and manufactured to meet the needs of our customers globally. These include ultra high torque make up capabilities and truly non marking handling systems.


Intervention and workover services

Our expertise can be applied to complex workover projects, resulting in the restoration of well vitality and extending its production life

With equipment that has proven to meet the rapidly evolving needs of the oil and gas industry, our advanced technology and specialized tools enable the company to meet the challenges of all workovers

Products & Services

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