Galea® Autonomous well intervention

Could autonomous technology increase the efficiency of your well intervention operations?

Could autonomous technology increase the efficiency of your well intervention operations?

Galea® - the world’s first fully autonomous well intervention system

The system replaces larger, conventional and more labor-intensive wireline rig-up, such as solids and scale removal. Galea® can be configured in different operating modes to suit a range of applications and environments.


Fully autonomous mode

Permanently installed onto the wellhead, the system deploys a unique tool string into the well either at regular intervals or defined by the well conditions. Between interventions, the tool string is parked within a short lubricator section which is mounted directly above dual shear-and-seal electrically actuated gate valves. These valves, in conjunction with the stuffing box, provide a triple barrier between the well bore and environment during normal production operations.

Semi-autonomous mode

A pre-programmed intervention sequence is initiated locally or remotely. This configuration is particularly suited to multi-well platforms or pads where regular interventions – such as paraffin wax scraping operations – are required. Having the small, self-contained package located at the wellsite year-round eliminates the dependency on wireline unit or truck availability and reduces environmental impact of your operations.

Manual mode

Enables a quick rig-up intervention solution that is operated locally using familiar wireline winch controls. Significant time savings can be made during rig-up and rig-down compared to conventional operations and when not in use, the system occupies a fraction of the space required for a standard slickline winch unit and pressure control equipment (PCE) package.


  • Minimizes, eliminates deferred production
  • Intervention intervals are defined by well conditions, not the availability of wireline crew and equipment
  • Reduces HSE risk and exposure for personnel
  • Reduces environmental impact including remote locations in protected areas
  • Reduces operational overheads
  • 24/7 monitoring from anywhere in the world
  • Reduction in overall costs versus traditional wireline intervention operations


Galea® maximizes production while reducing operational overheads by using an intelligent, autonomous system to perform a variety of slickline operations

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