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Expro Geothermal: We are the well experts for geothermal.
Where there is a well – there’s an opportunity!


The world needs energy sources that contribute to global energy security while also tackling carbon emissions and climate change. We understand more than most the crucial role geothermal can play in the energy trilemma. 
The geothermal industry is a perfect fit for Expro, as we transfer our skills and engineering problem-solving capabilities to help drive the transition. 


Our energy services expertise prioritizes your performance and assures the integrity of your geothermal operations. By deploying our engineering know-how, we can eliminate downtime, reduce operational expenditure, and risk, and deliver on our shared environmental commitments.

Let us be your strategic partner to unlock new sources of cleaner, low-carbon energy, helping you to achieve your ambitions for tomorrow, today.

Our portfolio offering brings you experience and expertise – with integrity – across Well Construction, Well Flow Management, and Well Intervention & Integrity.

Nearly 40 years of geothermal expertise and more than 80 years of market leadership in the energy services sector. Your high value, low risk, service partner of choice – assuring integrity of your operations today, and tomorrow.


Well Construction

Innovative, high value, low risk well construction solutions provider with a focus on operational efficiency and well integrity.

Our portfolio of products and services, from drilling technologies to tubular running services, are especially designed to improve your geothermal drilling performance and drill pipe handling in harsh environments.

This includes award-winning, record-breaking technology that we are continually improving with our in-house research and development teams and safety-focused manufacturing and metallurgical facilities.

Well Flow Management

Proficiently gathering valuable well and reservoir data, with the utmost regard for well-site safety and environmental impact.

Expro is one of the most experienced international well test companies in the world, offering our customers the complete range of mobile systems and specialist services, delivering quality data and operational efficiency for your geothermal operation

Well Intervention & Integrity

Deployment, insight and enhancement solutions to enable reservoir and well surveillance, production optimisation and asset integrity assurance

Geothermal is not new to us, we have been performing logging operations on geothermal wells since 1986 and designed a rigless intervention unit to allow safe and easy remediation of scaled up ESP pumps without the need for a land rig.

Our portfolio offers a wide selection of pressure, temperature and flow profile for geothermal applications to meet the challenges of evaluating well performance and determining the integrity of your well.

Our Kinley mechanical range of downhole calipers are rated up to 340 deg C (650 deg F) and our Geothermal Production logging tool is rated to 350 deg C (662 deg F)

We have an extensive track record of intervention operations, in temperatures up to 250 deg C. 

Talk to your local geothermal team of experts to benefit from decades of market leading experience, and reliable, trusted technology and engineering know-how, to maximize your operational performance and deliver success.  We are your trusted partner, ensuring transparency and dependable support and operational excellence.

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