iTONG™ - Intelligent Autonomous Connections

Enabling automated connection make-up at the push of a single button

Enabling automated connection make-up at the push of a single button

From planning to execution and evaluation of casing operations, iTONG™ enhances customer experience by reducing operational personnel, elevating operational reliability and service quality.


iTONG is the industry’s most technologically advanced single push button tubular make-up solution, enabling artificial intelligence powered automation ​​​​​​to control, execute, verify, and validate every connection make-up to optimize connection integrity. Joints of casing and tubing can be made up to a specific torque, or broken out in an automated sequence, with a single push of a button.

iTONG can be operated by a single tablet or fully integrated into the driller's control chair, allowing full control of the casing make-up process and further reducing personnel on board (POB), costs, and exposure to hazards.

For a fully automated make-up process, iTONG is coupled with Expro’s iCAM® torque-turn tubular connection make-up system. The iCAM software uses artificial intelligence to make data-driven decisions, determining whether the make-up has been completed successfully. 


System benefits

  • Reduced environmental impact - a rig using iTONG for all casing and tubing operations is calculated to reduce annual CO2 emissions from rig time, travel, and accommodation by about 146 tons a year
  • Integrates seamlessly with the iCAM® system to offer AI-powered tubular connection analysis and control to ensure connections are made up right the first time, every time
  • Reduces HSE risks through automated tong operations, removing the need for people to enter the red zone during make-up or breakout operations
  • Achieves optimal make-up parameters that ensure the lasting integrity of connections to maintain wellbore isolation and attain desired production life
  • Enables consistent, uninterrupted operations and combines currently sequential operations to reduce connection times


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