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An industry leader in tubular running services, tubular fabrication, and specialty well construction with a focus on complex and technically demanding wells
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Your high value, low risk, service partner of choice

Your high value, low risk, service partner of choice

We anticipate and solve customer challenges with a portfolio of technology focused well construction solutions.  You can rely on Expro’s comprehensive well construction services, such as casing and completions technologies, cementing and drilling technologies, downhole service tools, conductor driving and slot recovery services, large diameter tubular and specialty connector supply and fabrication.

We create customized solutions for your project, no matter how complex, and ensure your projects remain on schedule while reducing downtime.  Our network of global operational facilities means we can provide services to your project no matter where in the world it is.

Our portfolio of products and services includes award-winning, record-breaking technology that we are continually improving with our in-house research and development teams and safety-focused manufacturing and metallurgical facilities.

Case studies

22” BRUTE® deployed for safe and quick wellsite evacuation

Expro's industry-leading 22" BRUTE® Storm System - 2021 World Oil Award finalist for Best Well Integrity technology
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CBI™ Tool maximized efficiency for 8½” tri-lateral well drilling operations

Custom solution sets record casing string run time for Caribbean operator

Composite cement retainer in primary cementing aids to recuperate costly rig time

VERSAFLO™ Switch’s first run in offshore Mexico saves average of 12.5 Hours with multiple drill pipe connections

HI TOOL® saves 40 Hours of rig time by managing vibrations and stick-slip

Expro partners for operator’s first remote well suspension operation

Expro successfully deploys dual-barrier BRUTE® Storm Systems for temporary well suspension

HI TOOL® reduces vibrational shock in an intermediate section with RSS + motor assist

Cast Iron cement retainer successfully deployed in high temperature environment

HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation tool vibrational shock reduction in a lateral well with Rotary Steerable system

HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation Tool Achieves Record Runs in Delaware Basin

CENTRI-FI™ Consolidated control console finds success in deepwater GOM

Successful run for the VERSAFLO™ Switch tool in the Mediterranean

HI TOOL® improves performance, sets field record ROP in a vertical well

BIG EASY® Frac Plug demonstrates superior anchoring ability in harsh environment

HI TOOL® optimizes drilling of lateral Wells in Permian Basin

Regional first use of the HI TOOL® as active Fulcrum stabilizer in Point-the-Bit RSS system

BRUTE® Storm System Sees First 2017 Hurricane Season Deployment

VERSAFLO™ tool achieves success in first commercial run

Fill up and Flowback tool aids in the successful run of velocity string

VERSAFLO™ Tool aids in the successful run of expandable casing

Sheaveless COBRA® (SCLMA) reduces red zone risks, increases efficiencies

MAXIMUS successfully achieves high pressure testing requirements for temporary abandonment operation

Hydraulic Catwalk THS-11 outperforms in tubulars handling operations in Abu Dhabi, UAE

HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation tool assists in setting longest footage and highest rate of penetration in field

HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation tool run above M/LWD-RSS BHA to decouple BHA from drill string vibrations

HI TOOL® Harmonic Isolation tool replaces near Bit Roller Reamer in vertical unconventional well

FX-600™ CRT achieves second zero-failure casing run in the Caspian Sea

Frank’s Tubular Running Services successfully deploys new technologies in Gulf of Mexico completion run

DSTR™ reduces torque and mitigates stick-slip in North Sea

CBI tool enhances hole cleaning and ECD management in North Sea

CBI™ tool significantly enhances hole cleaning resulting in 40% ROP enhancement for Middle East operator

CASELESS INSERTABLE™ Float System allows GOM operator to eliminate manufacturing lead time and excess inventory

BRUTE® Packer / Circulating Valve and Multiple Dart Catcher improves well integrity

BRUTE® Storm System allows deepwater operator to eliminate extra trip

BRUTE® Storm System generates $2 million in customer cost savings by performing innovative application

BRUTE® Storm Systems provide dual-barrier well isolation for a high-profile deepwater well

Temporary abandonment system effectively supports regulatory high-pressure BOP testing

BIG EASY® Frac Plug saves time, improves drill out efficiency

BLACK GOLD™ and BIG EASY® frac plugs perform successfully in harsh environment

Custom completion screen solution maximizes efficiency and safety for Canadian offshore operator

AEGIS™ Tubular Protector successfully mitigates torque and friction for North Sea operator

Door Style Clamp Type Elevator (DSCTE™) CRT model achieves success in first commercial run

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