Cementing Tools

Safe, efficient tools for cementing challenges

Our suite of cementing technologies focus on improving rig performance, efficiency, and safety while delivering critical well integrity.

Above the rotary, our cement heads and plug launchers offer the option to reciprocate and rotate while cementing. When combined with our award-winning, patented SKYHOOK® Cement Line Make Up Device, our wireless cement heads enhance the safety of cementing operations by eliminating the need for personnel above the rig floor.

Below the rotary, we offer the industry’s first and only patented dual diverter surge reduction system, which allows tight tolerance casing running while lowering the formation breakdown risk. In addition to offering worldwide supply of conventional and premium-threaded products, we specialize in large bore auto-fill float equipment, premium centralizer subs, and proprietary sub-surface release single and dual plug systems.

SKYHOOK® Cement Line Make-Up Device

Our BLACKHAWK® Wireless Top-Drive Cement Head with SKYHOOK® Cement Line Make-Up Device are best-in-class when pumping cement where multiple darts and/or liner setting balls need to be dropped. When utilized, there is no need to send personnel above the rig floor to hook up the cementing hose, actuate the cement isolation valves or plug valve, and drop plugs, darts and setting balls.

Watch an animation on the BLACKHAWK® Wireless Top Drive Cement Head with SKYHOOK™ Cement Line Make-Up Device:

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