Petroleum Engineering Solutions

Fully integrated petroleum engineering solutions and services
Fully integrated petroleum engineering solutions & services

Fully integrated petroleum engineering solutions & services

Delivering added value through our subsurface engineering, well integrity, well services and project management teams.

Through our subsurface, well, and production engineering experience together with our project management teams we view added value from an operators' perspective. 

We are acutely aware that it’s not just about the wells, it’s about understanding the entire asset. It’s about understanding the subsurface and the production network, from the reservoir to the refinery. It’s about understanding the consequences of implementing alternatives, managing the lifecycle options and driving the project economics.

Expro's petroleum engineering solutions delivers a fully integrated petroleum engineering support service across a wide range of technical disciplines. 

  • Reservoir Engineering
  • Production Technology
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Project Management

With over 40 years track record, and having an extensive customer base across operators, independents and national oil companies; in the past 15 years alone we have completed nearly 1200 projects for over 200 clients across our global locations. 

In Expro's experience, our industry brings few challenges that are best tackled with a single-discipline approach.  Consequently, we combine our petroleum engineering solutions expertise across our product line teams, to deliver a fully integrated and cost effective approach to well flow optimization.

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