Downhole Wireless Monitoring

Wireless Well Solutions offers a range of monitoring solutions across the following well requirements:


CaTS™ is available as a completion conveyed solution for use in those applications where it is not possible to deploy a conventional cabled permanent monitoring system (PDG) at the required location in the wellbore.


In the retrofit environment CaTS can be conveyed into the well using conventional slickline services and tooling. The gauge is typically suspended below a gauge hanger set in a nipple profile, or alternatively can be set below a packer or bridge plug. Where monitoring of several discrete zones is required in a single well, multiple CaTS gauges can be installed with signals being multiplexed downhole and then decoded at surface by a multi-channel receiver.

Well integrity

Pressure and temperature measurements taken from below barriers or in the annulus is critical information for monitoring the ongoing integrity of a well. Using the CaTS wireless communications technology it is possible to monitor multiple well annuli and to verify pressure barrier sealing integrity. Measurements are made with out the requirement to install penetrators thus enhancing well safety.


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