Perforating services

Expro provides a comprehensive range of perforating services, including gun systems capable of deployment on electric line or slickline, incorporating the slickline depth correlation system and triggers.

Slickline depth correlation system (SDCS)

The SDCS applies corrections to each perforating run, to compensate for the factors that effect slickline depth. For example, wellhead pressure, surface tension, logging tension, wire length, tool length and tool weight.

Slickline correlating tools

The memory correlation tools provide a cost effective, accurate depth determination. With the capability to log at 32 samples/second, enables a high resolution correlation log is obtained using slickline as a deployment means.

Slickline memory triggers

Using our slickline memory triggers, Expro has the ability to deploy a large range of explosive services, using the full range of industry standard detonators and igniters.


Expro’s StimGun™ and Horizontal Stimulation Tool™ are oxidizer tools designed for near wellbore reservoir stimulation. In new wells, they can be used for pre-hydraulic frac perforating to reduce horsepower requirements during hydraulic fracturing, by up to 35%. In addition, StimGun and StimTube® can dramatically improve frac pack operations by opening up all the perforations in the interval prior to the pack.

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