Completion & intervention vertical tree systems


ELSA® OW (open water)

Open water valves are used when running subsea production trees/intervention systems on tubing or drill pipe in open water, i.e. no marine riser. Positioned between the tree/intervention running tool and the rig floor, the valves enable safe deployment and retrieval of intervention tools into and out of the well. This provides a safety barrier during live well operations and enables the cutting of coiled tubing and or wireline in event of emergency.

ELSA® DB (dual bore)

The ELSA® DB is designed to be run with the ELSA® HD retainer valve and lubricator valve.

The subsea test tree forms an integral part of the subsea landing string for well test or intervention operations. The ELSA® DB is a unique landing string system that is used in conjunction with vertical production tree systems. This innovative mono bore design landing string system enables well clean-up/completion deployment from a modu prior to installing the VXT. The ELSA® DB incorporates the orientation sleeve/helix as required, allowing correct orientation of the tubing hanger into the wellhead at all times.

ELSA® Non Flow Back

The ELSA® Non Flow Back landing string provides the customer with a system to interface with either a mono bore or dual bore production tree depending on the client’s individual requirements. Providing an internal bore suitable for through bore operations in a non flow back scenario whilst still accommodating the required BOP stack ram interfaces required by the industry today.

The ELSA® Non Flow Back landing string system also enables tubing hangar running tool and other downhole functions to be controlled or monitored with the option to accommodate an electric lines(s) dependent on the customer’s needs.

ELSA® BS (bore selector)

The Bore Selector is designed to interface with dual bore production trees and allows deployment of a dual bore system on a mono bore riser. In this application the bore selector is normally run between the emergency disconnect package and the riser stress joint retainer valve. The system is also sufficiently flexible that it can be interfaced easily with workover control systems.

It offers the advantages of simplification and economy both of equipment and operational sequences.


This is supported by complementary control systems for completion and intervention applications.

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