Downhole video and camera services

Expro’s downhole video services give a real picture of the wellbore. Allowing scale, perforations or holes in the tubing to be seen rather than inferred, this technology enables informed decisions to be made on location.

Extremely portable, Expro’s range of downhole cameras can be deployed on any mono-conductor cable and transmits up to one picture per second.  The award winning ViewMax camera includes a down and side view camera enabling a 360 degree view of the wellbore.

The slickline memory camera, which can take 2,200 images per run, is ideal for looking at specific objects.

Expro’s downhole video technology combined with our engineer’s expertise ensures that we deliver quality downhole pictures.  In addition, the video images can be combined with caliper data (CALVID) enabling a complete representation of the wellbore condition.


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