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We are the world’s leader in tubular services, holding a comprehensive inventory of large OD tubulars and connectors
Custom solutions for toughness and fatigue resistance

Custom solutions for toughness and fatigue resistance

Our tubular products are fabricated with high-tech welding services and other custom solutions for toughness and fatigue resistance.

Expro has pioneered custom tubular fabrication solutions. We were one of the first tubular service companies to fabricate top tensioned risers (TTR) for the Gulf of Mexico and are considered a world leader in the fabrication of TTRs. Our unrivaled custom tubular facility in Louisiana’s Port of Iberia is strategically located for fast and efficient delivery worldwide.


Tubular products

We hold one of the largest rolling inventories of large-diameter and high-yield tubulars and connectors in the world. We also offer premium connectors and advanced welding technology for conductors, surface casing and high fatigue applications. Our high-performance connector product line includes the Double Drive Shoulder™ and patented Xtreme3™ connectors.


Custom tubular solutions

Our high-tech welding services have earned international credentials and recognition. With specialty welding capacities, state-of-the-art equipment and an extensive database of fatigue and fracture test results, Expro delivers the precision and performance vital to onshore and offshore operations. We contribute to our customers’ successful projects through technical knowledge and expertise in fulfilling tubulars, connectors, fabrication, and logistics requirements.

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