Our global offering

Our complete fluids sampling and analysis services are delivered globally via our key technical centers, with satellite facilities available worldwide.

Fluid Analysis Center (FAC)

FAC offer specialized PVT analysis, sulfur speciation, compositional analysis, flow assurance measurement and interpretation services, dedicated to reservoir and process engineering requirements. Rigorous calibration and verification procedures are used and our highly accurate and reproducible measurements are traceable to international standards. Satellite laboratory facilities offering full scale PVT analysis are available in all oil exploration and producing regions.

Expro Petrotech

Expro Petrotech offers a fully integrated package of hydrocarbon reservoir and process fluid flow measurement, sampling and analysis services. These include: sampling tools with pressure compensation systems; keeping samples in monophasic condition from reservoir to surface; fully customizable onsite laboratories for drilling and logging operations and production well testing; tools to help with quick decision-making during drilling; wireline formation testing, drill stem testing and isokinetic split stream sampling on wellheads and separators.

Sample Management Facility

Expro has large secure bunded and bonded areas (Continental Shelf Number UK0907/040/94) at both our Fluids sites in Aberdeen, UK. These were purposely built for the safe handling, maintenance and storage of hydrocarbon fluid samples and equipment, and are licensed by the local authority under the ‘Petroleum(Consolidation) Act 1928’. Expro’s sample storage and management system monitors each sample’s movement, allowing access to the history of all samples.

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