BondCure® builds upon FloatCure® by cementing the casing or liner string with a sub-hydrostatic pressure internally, resulting in an enhanced casing to cement bond and ultimate cement bonding.

Ultimate Cement Bonding

Long term integrity of wells has been a historic concern and while there are methods to determine the mechanical integrity of the cement bond throughout the well’s lifecycle, Expro’s latest innovative solution provides the assurance needed to know that ultimate cement bonding is achieved during the primary cement job.

Expro’s BondCure® builds on the established industry understanding that cement to casing bonding is measurably improved when subjected to increased casing bore pressure, by applying positive pressure to the cement in the outer annulus and maximising cement bond integrity.

Achieving ultimate cement bonding with BondCure®

Proper cement placement between the well casing and formation is essential and provides support to the casing, prevents fluid from leaking to the surface and allows for zonal isolation of producing zones and water bearing zones.

Utilising Expro’s reliable and field-proven SeaCure® technology, BondCure® provides a lower than at-depth hydrostatic pressure within the inner string by casing ID annulus that is subsequently relaxed post-cement job, in effect, applying positive pressure to the cement in the outer annulus and achieving ultimate cement bonding.

Where the cement bond integrity is key to project success, BondCure® can be utilised to enhance the cement job and improve well barrier integrity. Improvements to long term well integrity will be the key to reducing overall well losses and increase production efficiency.

BondCure® Value

  • Can be used on any section where cement bond integrity is a concern
  • BondCure® enhances the long term well barrier integrity
  • Increase production efficiency
  • Improve long term well integrity
  • Can be used on injection wells and carbon capture & storage (CCS) wells

Do you want to achieve ultimate cement bonding?

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