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Downhole video and camera services

Expro’s range of downhole video camera systems offer operators a cost effective way to visualise downhole problems rather than inferring them or guessing. Our downhole video is a proven technology with over 5,000 surveys having been run in a wide range of oil and gas well conditions.

Our operators are skilled at well preparation to ensure the optimal downhole conditions for ensuring the successful capture of high quality images. Our patented backlight design, superior transmission rates and patented lens surfactant ensures that we provide superior picture and quality service. The lens surfactant repels hydrocarbons allowing surveys in flowing wells and entries through oil columns.


The Expro CalVid system combines the accuracy of an electronic multi-finger caliper with the visual images of a downhole video camera, resulting in the complete representation of well bore conditions.

Expro’s software package allows visualisation of these complimentary data-streams by integrating the digital caliper data with the individual frames from the camera, ensuring that the complimentary information can be fully utilised.

Caliper tools give accurate measurements of the well bore diameter at the exact arm location but no feel for the general wellbore condition, where the arms are not in contact. A camera gives a good visual representation of the condition of the entire wellbore and in the easiest format to interpret – a picture – but with no measurements. Expro’s combined caliper and video string allows wellbores to be measured and visualised at the same time giving operators a fuller understanding of the wellbore. Critical decisions regarding the wells integrity can then be made based on a complete and accurate assessment of the entire well bore.

ViewMax camera

ViewMax incorporates an additional camera in the patented backlight down view camera lighthead. This second camera is pointed sideways and can rotate allowing unobstructed views of the wall of the pipe or openhole formation, fractures, etc.  Expro’s video engineers can easily switch between cameras, enabling our clients to acquire the traditional down view ahead of the tool and/or to view the pipe wall on the same trip in the well.

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