Control systems

Expro’s EXPRESS systems control landing and testing string functions during well testing, appraisal, completion and intervention operations. Electro-hydraulic control improves response times, enables real time data feedback, reduces the physical umbilical size on deepwater applications and addresses the disconnect philosophy from dynamically positioned mobile drilling units.

EXPRESS employs electrical communication as the primary control method, rapidly improving response times and eliminating the response constraints of conventional hydraulic systems due to water dept. The system comfortably achieves the present industry requirements for the disconnect protocol, achieving system shut-in or well closure and disconnect, within a 15 second time period.

The designs are fully adaptable from 3” to 7” landing strings and provide hydraulic control to the subsea landing string and completion equipment where applicable. It provides a fully integrated control system for full functionality and when applicable incorporating operation of the tubing hanger running tool, tubing hanger and downhole functions.

Control systems products include:

  • EXPRESS EA (Exploration & Appraisal)
  • EXPRESS CI (Completion & Intervention)
  • EXPRESS HP (High Pressure)
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