Conductor Driving and Slot Recovery

We anticipate and solve complex customer challenges

We anticipate and solve complex customer challenges with a portfolio of technology focused well construction solutions. 

Over the course of more than 60 years, Frank's Tubular Running Services (TRS) has earned a global reputation as a leading provider of hammer technology and services through equipment diversification, thoroughly trained personnel, and a commitment to providing the safest and most innovative tools in the industry.

Our hydraulic hammer selection allows greater control and reliability by regulating energy output and incorporating safety monitoring devices.  In addition to power and efficiency, the hydraulic hammers are unparalleled versatility as they are suitable for driving and extracting piles onshore or offshore and can operate at any angle.  Our diesel hammer inventory offers enhanced reliability and efficiency through custom-designed components, including remotely controlled fuel pumps and tripping devices.

We also maintain an extensive global inventory of related conductor products.

Conductor Installation and Recovery Services:

  • Deviated Conductor Pipe
  • Hydraulic and Diesel Hammer Services
  • SPEED SHOE® Drive Shoe
  • Whipstock Slot Reclamation Tools
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