Award Winning Next Generation Landing String

Providing the optimal subsea well intervention and commissioning system for the global oil and gas industry.

Expro’s Next Generation Landing String (NGLS) provides the optimal subsea well intervention and commissioning system for the global oil and gas industry.

The new in-riser well intervention technology meets the integrity, compliance and robustness required of landing strings under the new upcoming API 17G 3rd edition, while also delivering the time and cost efficiencies demanded in today’s energy industry.

NGLS comprises of a five-phase programme of work to deliver a complete landing string package, including a range of new functionality across its 7 3/8 valves. It incorporates a high debris tolerant ball mechanism and hydraulic latch mechanism, dual seal protection for both environment and control systems, increased cutting capability, and a fail ‘as is’ retainer valve with the ability to close after a blowout preventer shear scenario.

The new functionality is proven through extensive connector testing and analysis, allowing the development of structural and fatigue capacities to increase the operating limits of the overall system.  This is complemented by a comprehensive data and fatigue life cycle management system, which increases overall safety and integrity – with the landing string certified Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 2 compliant.

In-riser well intervention can also lower well commissioning and intervention costs by minimising rig times, often installing/completing in one run, thereby improving efficiencies during operations.  Ultimately, the system can save millions of dollars per well, compared to traditional methods.

NGLS has been Expro’s single biggest investment in new technology over the last five years. The end goal of this investment was to deliver the optimal subsea well intervention and commissioning system providing significant cost savings and improving well integrity. This development program delivered new products, implemented a qualification program to new upcoming industry standards, employed innovative analytical techniques and validated operational methodologies.



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