Tubular steel connections

Our high-performance connectors are engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, yielding a product that stands up to the demanding requirements of today’s complex well designs.


Forgings are purchased to Expro's proprietary material specifications, which outline minimum requirements for chemistry, strength, hardness, and toughness properties. Forgings are ultrasonically inspected and tracked throughout the manufacturing process by a unique serial number per heat treatment lot.

Machining and phosphate coating

Forgings are machined using CNC-controlled machines to ensure dimensional consistency, while customized MRP gauges are utilized to verify dimensional accuracy. Machined connectors are phosphate-coated to Expro’s proprietary specifications to minimize galling during make-up.

Alignment and welding

Connectors are aligned to pipe using end squareness gauges and specialized laser alignment tools to verify parallelism, when specified. We weld pipe to connectors in accordance with approved welding procedures, meeting industry standards and customer specifications. Welding procedure qualification can include mechanical testing to meet simple code requirements as well as more complex tests such as weldability and full-scale fatigue testing.

Watch an animation on the Xtreme3 Connector:

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