Intervention Riser System

Riser to surface safety system providing primary well barriers with full intervention capability

Expro’s riser to surface open water intervention riser system (IRS) can be rapidly deployed from your contracted MODU or specially adapted mono-hull vessel. This lightweight, compact system provides primary well barriers along with emergency disconnect facility, ensuring safe and reliable subsea well access in the following market segments:

  • Development 
  • Intervention
  • Abandonment

This subsea safety system provides excellent coil tubing shear and seal capabilities and has the ability to interface with any Xmas Tree type. These systems can be supplied with either direct hydraulic or electro-hydraulic control system to meet with ESD/EQD timing philosophies. Expro also supply IWOCS as part of this package, ensuring our clients don’t have to mobilize additional third party equipment or personnel to control the Xmas Tree. 

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