Well integrity monitoring

Pressure and temperature measurements taken from below barriers or in the annulus is critical information for monitoring the ongoing integrity of a well. Using the CaTSTM wireless communications technology it is possible to monitor multiple well annuli and to verify pressure barrier sealing integrity. Measurements are made with out the requirement to install penetrators thus enhancing well safety.

Pressure measurements below well barriers or in the annulus are critical information for monitoring well integrity. In many situations it is not physically possible, practical or recommended to run traditional cabled monitoring systems. Using standard completion equipment and without requiring any penetrators, Expro's CaTS technology provides a unique solution to measuring the pressure and temperature from below or between bridge/cement plugs, or from multiple well annuli.

CaTS is a battery powered, cableless telemetry system deployed either on wireline or as part of the completion. Using electro-magnetic (EM) technology it can transmit data to surface from below wellbore barriers such a bridge or cement plugs without the need for penetrations. CaTS can also been mounted externally on the outside of tubing or casing to monitor the annulus or formation pressure.

A key element of achieving excellence in well integrity is about having the necessary barriers in place and being able to test and verify them at the time of barrier placement. Verifying the upper plug in a dual barrier sealing arrangement can be challenging, but by using the CaTS technology it is possible to verify the sealing integrity of the upper plug in a dual barrier sealing arrangement. The plug setting, pressure test and verification can be completed during a single run in hole operation, resulting in operational efficiencies.

  • The wireless communications technology uses standard completion hardware with no requirement for penetrations through the plug/barrier and it is not influenced by cement plugs or cemented pipe
  • Picking up the CaTS signal requires no additional components in the wireline toolstring – meaning no additional risk in tool performance or reliability
  • The wireless equipment is compatible with any 3rd party e-line provider's cable, CCL and plug setting tools, providing flexibility in deployment options
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