Your well integrity dashboard

Improving safety and maximizing well availability

Leveraging software systems to support well integrity


Well integrity management is essential to safeguard production, reduce the risks associated with field operations and ensure sound environmental stewardship. This can be achieved through collating, analyzing and sharing valuable well integrity related information and ensuring compliance to company and industry requirements.

Our SafeWells® software data management system provides a clear overview of operators' well integrity status. It can be readily configured, allowing alignment with globally accepted well integrity standards such as ISO 16530-1, Norsok D-010 and guidelines such as Oil & Gas UK Well Lifecycle Integrity and 117 - Norwegian Oil and Gas.

We will provide you with an intuitive overview of your wells and quickly highlight potential challenges by providing:

  • A customizable view of well integrity status and problems, facilitating proactive remedial action
  • A planned well intervention program, compliant with both regulations and company policies
  • Effective monitoring and tracking of well status - fundamental in improving safety and maximizing well availability across well stock
  • Our well integrity monitoring and our downhole video technology complements Safewells® software  when used together

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