Sample storage and management

From reservoir to laboratory, Expro ensure the safe containment, transportation, custody and storage of valuable reservoir fluid samples using industry leading pressurized sample containers, storage and management facilities.

We have large secure bunded and bonded areas that have been purposely built for the safe handling, maintenance and storage of hydrocarbon fluid samples and equipment, and are licensed under the Petroleum (Consolidation) Act 1928. Our sample storage and management system monitors each sample’s movement, allowing access to the history of all samples.

We have designed a range of unique sample containers capable of safely preserving reservoir fluid samples at pressures up to 25K psi.  These are made from a variety of exotic alloys with chemical coatings specifically designed to minimize reaction with trace components.

We offer certified sample storage facilities for a range of samples including:

  • Monophasic sample storage
  • Pressurized oil
  • Pressurized gas
  • Dead oil
  • Production water
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