Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) Intervention

A new era in well surveillance

From deployment through evaluation and assurance, Expro delivers complete well surveillance by performing a DFOS intervention into your well.


Surveillance is key to successful well and reservoir management and requires state of the art sensing technologies.  Fiber optic sensing technology has become an increasing part of surveillance in the industry, driven by technological enhancements and greater knowledge of what it can do.

DFOS Intervention features a straightforward thru-tubing deployment with a Fibre Optic enabled Slickline or E-Line cable.  This enables continuous and distributed  acquisition of temperature and acoustic data along the length of the well under surveillance.

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  • Gas lift surveillance and optimization
  • Zonal contribution assessment
  • Injectivity surveillance
  • Pre-abandonment surveys
  • Casing and completion integrity assurance
  • Overburden assessment
  • Behind casing flow detection
  • Leak detection


Features and benefits:


Operationally efficient thru-tubing deployment using a fiber optic enabled Slickline or E-Line cable

The cable also enables simultaneous deployment of logging tools during the DFOS survey, enabling efficient gathering of complementary data

Multi-drum intervention unit enables remediation activities to take place after the DFOS survey

DFOS system components can be integrated with existing well intervention packages for a rapid deployment capability



Rapid data evaluation supported by on-site data processing and our global team of DFOS analysts

Quick look results are delivered within hours of the survey



Data driven decision making enables assurance of well production and well integrity

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