Cased Hole Intervention

The performance of cost-effective well intervention is key to ensure that asset performance and integrity is maintained at optimal levels.

Expro’s range of cased hole services ensure that fit for purpose solutions are available to our customers to address asset performance and integrity challenges across the entire well life cycle, this is achieved by focusing on three key domains: Reservoir Characterization, Well Performance and Well Integrity

Expro’s cased hole philosophy is rooted in the continual cycle of intervene, evaluate and enhance, with the intervention and evaluation aspects performed in such a way that decision-making on the enhancement can be made with the highest level of confidence. 

Expro’s cased hole service offering includes:

Evaluation & insightEnhancement & remediation 
Caliper services Alloy barriers
Camera services    Bridge plugs
Cement bond loggingCasing patches
Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS)Intervention perforating
Magnetic thickness loggingPipe recovery
Memory gaugesStimulation tools
Noise loggingTubing cutting
Production loggingTubing patches
Reservoir saturation loggingTubing punching

Expro offers a range of deployment methods to convey these services into the well, including Slickline, E-Line and Slick-E-Line. For the deployment of the enhancement and remediation solutions on Slick-E-Line and Slickline, Expro has the eXequorTM trigger system, which is capable of initiating a multitude of explosive and non-explosive services.

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