Well Intervention and Integrity

Innovative well intervention applications to capture well data, ensure wellbore integrity and maintain production
A leading global provider of well intervention and integrity services

A leading global provider of well intervention and integrity services

A safer and smarter well integrity and intervention solutions partner

Expro is a leading global provider of well intervention services.  We are the world's largest independent wireline service supplier, employing more than 1,100 people in support of our wireline operations globally.

We have an established track record across all aspects of well intervention and employ some of the industry's most experienced hands.

Our teams across the world make approximately 12,000 wireline runs in to our customers' wells every month and we continue to invest in developing the leading-edge technologies needed to optimize performance from their wells.

Our well intervention solutions span the following four key areas:

Mechanical wireline

  • Slickline services
  • Electric line services
  • Heavy duty wireline fishing


  • Slickline
  • Braided line
  • E-line
  • Slick e-line 
  • Distributed Acoustic or Temperature Sensors (DAS/DTS) - fiber 
  • Galea™ autonomous well intervention system
  • CoilHose

Well integrity

  • Production monitoring 
  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • Plug and perforation for unconventional 
  • Plug and abandonment 
  • Pipe recovery

Well services

  • Wellhead servicing and maintenance
  • SafeWells™
  • Logging data analysis
Case studies

Downhole monitoring for unconventional gas field development

Expro's gauges provided up to 3 years of wireless monitoring, transmitting a single pressure and temperature data point every 1 to 2 days
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Expro’s Annulus B intervention corrects casing communication with C annulus

CoilHose technology delivers a successful solution for unloading a subsea well

Expro’s C-Annulus intervention prevents gas migration

Expro’s annulus intervention technology intervenes in the A annulus

Expro helps customer to recover well by performing a through Coiled Tubing cut above stuck BHA

Expro Slick-E-line delivers significant efficiencies in UKCS P&A campaign

Expro delivers bespoke CoilHose system to operate in deviated well

CaTS gauges deployed for asset integrity monitoring

Expro’s CoilHose technology provides a cost effective solution for well unloading

Expro helps a customer to double the oil production from their well on gas lift

Expro’s wireline deployed propellant treatment increases injection rates by 450%

Evaluating onshore reservoir connectivity in Algeria

CoilHose technology provides a cost effective solution for well unloading

Reinstating instrumentation in a production well on an unmanned installation

Reinstating instrumentation in production observation wells

Instrumenting dual string completions at the sandface

Wireless downhole monitoring system provides long term aquifer surveillance

Performing CoilHose salt removal jetting remediation

Open-hole barrier data transmissions

Quantifying connected reservoir volume as part of an extended well test

Expro enters and intervenes the annulus

Expro performs bespoke annulus intervention

Intelligent intervention of the annulus regains production

Expro’s intelligent intervention regains production

Expro delivers successful heavy duty fishing operation

Expro supports in the completion of P&A campaign

Expro delivers production optimisation study in 6 weeks

CoilHose operation in Malaysia completed within 12 hours

CoilHose well jetting remediation on iSSSV

RAS tool helps customer gain 100% increase in oil production

First fishing in LATAM using a stroker

Bespoke RCT improving well integrity

Expro enters and intervenes the annulus

Expro performs bespoke annulus intervention

CoilHose well scale removal

Expro runs memory camera on CoilHose operation

Successful scale removal operation

An innovative approach to well intervention

Well integrity review of aging wells

World first for Total, performing oriented perforation on a permanent fibre optic completion

Leading downhole camera inspection saves $100k

Cost-effective well integrity solution

Innovative approach to well intervention services to evaluate completions performance

Idle wells returned to production using through tubing gas lift insert

Downhole video camera used for high temperature geothermal well intervention

Assured well integrity with no downtime on Dutch geothermal wells

Innovative, custom-built logging solution to solve water production challenge in multi-lateral well

Cost-effective re-perforating on satellite platforms with limited footprint and crane restrictions

Camera supports successful fishing operations with full-service solution

World first wireless annular barrier monitoring of a non-cemented liner in a subsea well

Gas lift optimisation increases production on mature asset

Real-time wireless PCP monitoring

Integral part of Apache’s well integrity data management across North Sea assets

World-first largest slickline saves marathon time and money

CaTS™ Gauges provide early indication of condensate banking

Wireless barrier verification during well suspension and P&A

Reducing reservoir uncertainties during field appraisal

Well integrity software ensures early identification and timely resolution of issues

ViewMax key in resuming operations, saving money, despite debris in wellhead

ViewMax downhole camera inspection saves $1.5m

Providing solutions that save rig time and a costly work over

Expro provide an operator in Asia with cutting tool for coiled tubing fishing operations

Reducing uncertainty in connected volumes during Barents Sea appraisal

Wireless monitoring provides critical data during early stage DFD

Developing engineered solutions for successful rigless abandonment

Wireless sandface monitoring delivers production optimisation in big bore high-rate gas wells

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