Kinley K2-Cutter

Safe | Simple | Configurable

Safe | Simple | Configurable

Kinley K2-Cutter - Expro’s unique, next generation, electro-mechanical wire and cable cutter


Enhancing Expro’s offering of wire and cable cutters, the Kinley K2-Cutter is capable of cutting a wide range of wire and cable sizes from slickline through to 5/16” Dyform braided cable.


Safety through design

Our all new electro-mechanical cutter has no explosives content, no hydraulics, uses no lithium batteries and requires no mechanical stored energy. allows the tool package to be quickly and easily transported to any location. It’s quick installation on the wire reduces exposure time relying on wireline valve seals for well control

Simplicity in operation

An on-site pre-job verification cut and reset may be quickly performed prior to deployment to demonstrate cut capability and operational readiness. Thereafter programming for deployment and simple, fastener-less installation on the wire can be completed within minutes.

Configurable to the application

Its modular design allows for interchangeable crimps, rollers, pump down subs and no-go’s to suit wire size, well parameters and stuck toolstring dimensions. There is also the option to include additional weight within the tool configuration.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-Explosive / Non-Hazmat
  • Alkaline battery pack powered
  • Pre-run test cut verification
  • Fastener free installation on wire in minutes
  • Modular design for rollers & pump-down options
  • Field redressable



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