SKYHOOK® Wireless Cement Line Make-Up Device

Winner of the OSHA 2017 New Product of the Year Award and 2020 World Oil Award – Best Health, Safety, Environment/Sustainable Development
SKYHOOK® Wireless Cement Line Make-Up Device

SKYHOOK® Wireless Cement Line Make-Up Device

Expro's industry-exclusive SKYHOOK® Wireless Cement Line Make-Up Device allows operators to remotely make-up the cementing iron or hose without the need to send personnel above the rig floor. Featuring our advanced wireless automation system, the SKYHOOK® Wireless Cement Line Make-Up Device not only increases safety and efficiency through remote operation, but further allows for faster cement line rig up by eliminating rig floor hydraulic umbilical lines and operating console.

Watch an animation on the SKYHOOK® Cement Line Make-Up Device:

Features and Benefits

Mud saver feature holds back cement line fluid while lifting to prevent mud falling to the rig floor and reduce cleanup after disconnecting the cement line

Fully compatible with existing high-pressure cement hose or cement line

Primary and secondary locking mechanisms secure stinger until release command is given to guard against accidental disconnect

Proximity switches indicate proper stinger locking to provide indication on rig floor before cementing operations occur

Custom wire rope spooling system maintains orderly cable spooling for smooth and efficient deployment and retraction

Permanently mounted low torque cement plug valve allows for racking back the head and reducing damage or separation

Simple rigging of snatch block for snubbing-off torque plate to allow for rotation

Manual override of wireless features allows for backup manual cement head operation

Radio signal filtering blocks Wi-Fi® and other wireless transmission interference for increased reliability

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