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Providing custom engineering and drilling technologies that enhance your wellbore integrity and reduce your drilling time
Our solutions increase your ability to reach fields that were previously unobtainable

Our solutions increase your ability to reach fields that were previously unobtainable

Expro provide unique drilling optimization technology for deviated wells, onshore ERD wells, onshore vertical wells and offshore wells drilled in some of the deepest waters in the world.

We work collaboratively with customers to mitigate the challenges associated with extended reach wells and complex formations, such as vibration, casing wear, hole cleaning, lost circulation, flow back, surge, RSS and bit failure, and excessive torque. Because we manufacture our tools in-house, we maintain superior control over quality, health, safety and environmental standards.

Our downhole drilling solutions help to reduce your non-productive time.

Below the rotary table, Expro's drilling technology optimizes the drilling practice while preventing failures, reducing overall costs and preserving well integrity. Our patented Harmonic Isolation Tool (HI TOOL®) prevents unnecessary downtime by reducing vibrations, our Drill String Torque Reducer (DSTR™) tool prevents damage and losses from drill pipe rotating in casing and the wellbore, and our Cutting Bed Impeller (CBI™) tool removes cuttings build-up to support efficient operations and improve wellbore integrity. Our latest technology, the VERSAFLO™ Time Saver Series, improves trip time, reduces surge and swab, and reduces mud contamination on the rig floor. All of our drilling technologies and tools help increase operational efficiency while reducing costs.

Case studies

VERSAFLO™ Switch’s first run in offshore Mexico saves average of 12.5 Hours with multiple drill pipe connections

A deepwater operator in Mexico sought a fill-up and flow-back tool to run 14” and 18” casing strings with 6-5/8” FH connections and have the ability to screw into the drill pipe and liner hanger string 5-1/2” connections if needed.
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