Torque Monitoring

A leader in design and innovation, Frank’s TRS torque monitoring system solutions improve connection integrity.

The DATA TREK® Advantage Computer System and the DISPLAY™ Digital Application create a virtual, real-time connection to the wired or wireless data acquisition system used at well center. Virtual viewing reduces personnel on the rig, which minimizes risk while confidently verifying connection integrity. STAB-RITE™ pipe positioning system, along with the BACKPACKER™ compensation system, offers a stabber-free solution while compensating the connection makeup to greatly reduce any resistance with potential to cause damage.


DDS Connector

ANACONDA® Premium Rack Back Thread Protector

DATA TREK® Advantage Computer system

BACKPACKER™ Compensator System

Inline Safety Fuse

DISPLAY™ Digital Application

Wireless Torque Sub

STAB-RITE™ Pipe Positioning System

Electric Tong System

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