DISPLAY™ Digital Application

DISPLAY™ Digital Application

DISPLAY™ Digital Application

The DISPLAY™ Digital Application is a live make-up graph viewing system that allows users to remotely access live and historical data using their computer, tablet or smart phone and analyze connections made throughout the tubular run. This technology improves safety, optimizes efficiency, and ensures well integrity by enabling additional skilled staff to monitor connection make-up activities and make important decisions in real-time. The DISPLAY™ application reduces operational costs by using thread reps to monitor and review make-up graphs for multiple jobs from a single location.

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Features and Benefits

Produce overlays to compare graphs

Analyze trends in make-up data, such as delta-torque, delta-turns, shoulder-slope, etc.

View pipe, connection, tong, sensor and make-up data

View graphs in the same format as displayed on the computer at the rig site

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