ULTRALATCH™ Subsurface Release Plug System

Increased cement and well integrity
ULTRALATCH™ Subsurface Release Plug System

ULTRALATCH™ Subsurface Release Plug System

Expro's ULTRALATCH™ Subsurface Release Plug System prevents contamination of the cement slurry pumped through the casing and drill pipe for increased cement and well integrity. The ULTRALATCH™ system features a mechanical latch mechanism that acts as a backup to the float equipment for increased wellbore integrity.


Expro’s Disposable Plug Running Tool (dPRT) allows the plugs to be easily installed on the casing or liner hanger running tool without the maintenance and logistics costs associated with rental running tools.

Features and Benefits

Latch-down noses secure the system into landing collar and float equipment for reliable bump, backpressure capability, and improved drill-out

Manufactured with mostly composite material to allow for optimal drill-out with PDC bit designs for increased time and cost savings

Emergency plug release feature on dPRT allows for continued displacement of cement and wellbore fluids during cementing operations

dPRT allows plug sets to be made-up to all liner and casing hanger running tools for improved operational efficiency and flexibility

Pressure equalizer in dPRT ensures plugs are pressure balanced to reduce the risk of premature launch

Optional ball catcher baffle retains diverter closing and liner setting balls for improved drill-out operations

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