Sindhuri Pillalamarri

Sindhuri Pillalamarri

Operations Support Engineer

Meet Sindhuri Pillalamarri, Operations Support Engineer. In 2013, Sindhuri graduated from JNTU-Kakinada Technology University in India as petrochemical engineer and began her career with Halliburton as a field-cementing engineer before joining Expro three years later. Sindhuri is the only women in an operational role in Expro, Surface Well testing India and is an adventurous sports enthusiast in her spare time. Sindhuri joined Expro in 2016 and was a QA/QC lead in India for two years, before becoming an operations support engineer in the Surface Well Testing team.

What keeps you motivated to go to work every day?

I am a very positive minded person and above that, I love what I do! I enjoy my job and the working environment around me; I find it a joy coming to work every day. I strongly believe that it is important to love whatever you do in life as time passes.

What do you like best/least about your job?

The best part of my job is that I can get the ‘best of both’; I have a creative space in a technical world – something you do not find often and that, I treasure! When I start to design a job, I have to work to consider the circumstances and plan contingencies that need to be in place, this requires me to think outside the box and become more creative to get the best
out of the simulations I create. Often I work to deadlines and some jobs can come with very tight turnaround times. However, as I successfully complete more high-pressure projects I have learnt to turn this into excellent time management.

How have you evolved from your first day in Expro to now?

I have developed a great deal since my first day at Expro! Starting as a QA/QC professional, the team quickly identified I had a keen interest towards the operational side of the business. I am thankful to Expro India’s management team who provided me with amazing opportunities, support, and training to help grow my career as an operations support engineer. In addition, I achieved an MBA in Business Administration through a two-year part time distance course.

Are there challenges in your job, and how do you overcome them?

Yes! I think every job comes with its own challenges. Sometimes it can take multiple revisions or changes for a single report, I always try to think of this as a learning opportunity
instead of becoming frustrated.

From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, what does “a day in the life” look like to you?

I start the day by waking up early and take my time to enjoy a cup of coffee as I sit in the garden; this gives me a boost for the rest of the day. I then make breakfast for my newlywed husband and I, which we enjoy during our morning chat. The office is close to my house so only take me 10 minutes to get to, once I arrive I sit at my desk and start working on the design requests for the day. After work, I like to end my day with a good exercise session that makes me feel happy and healthy!