From production to P&A - eight ways Octopoda™ can benefit your operations

7th July 2022

Integrity issues are a growing concern across the industry and affect an estimated 30% of wells globally, negatively impacting our environment and industry. Operators are continually seeking innovative and suitable methods to manage casing integrity issues, increase production and reduce plug and abandonment (P&A) costs for wells with remaining reserves.

To answer these challenges, Expro has developed OctopodaTM, the first technology in the world to allow direct access to well annuli – a feat previously impossible. Whether deployed as a reactive fix or a proactive preventative solution to increase asset life, this truly unique and intelligent system assures reliable longevity in well integrity with enhanced production.

Whatever your job – from CEO to production manager, asset manager, head of wells, head of integrity, P&A lead and beyond, Octopoda can help you tangibly set your business apart from your competitors in a safe, efficient and regulatory compliant way. Just as an octopus has eight limbs, here are eight ways how Octopoda can benefit your operations.


1. Bringing your well back to life

That idle well you’ve all but abandoned hope on can now be brought back into operation quickly, safely and sustainably. Precise leak identification and targeted high quality sealant pump capabilities with real time data insights enable reliable, long-term decision making on maintenance, inspection and budget management.

One thing is for certain in well integrity – the status quo will no longer suffice. With a growing number of aging assets the importance of managing the integrity challenges they present in a safe, smart and sustainable manner will only become increasingly important.


2. Increased oil recovery through revitalization of shut in wells

Thousands oil and gas wells are shut in with significant remaining reserves. That’s often because the costs of deploying a workover rig can be prohibitive to maintaining production. The availability of a cost-effective solution now means you won’t just decrease your OPEX and CAPEX, but you can maximize your revenue and production, all without risking personnel or safety compliance. See how we solved one client’s shut in problem. Read the case study


3. Lower costs higher rewards

For years, engineers and operators have grappled with the challenge of how to fix casing integrity issues, such as leaks and reduced or increased pressure, without the dual expense of an intrusive workover rig and lost production time. Through its unique annular intervention method, Octopoda does away with the need for a rig and allows you to carry on producing even while multiple problems are being fixed. Click here for more


4. Smaller footprint and fewer personnel

Space on site can be limited, so Octopoda was designed to be contained in as small a space as possible (for example, the reeler is only 1510mm x 1300mm x 1620mm). That means it’s suitable for small or satellite platforms up to bigger assets. Furthermore, Octopoda’s flexibility to solve a range of issues means you can do various tasks with just one crew. That’s an advantage in reducing safety risk and increasing efficiency.


5. Rapid mobilization

Octopoda’s relatively light weight too (the reeler is 1,750 kg with water-filled hose) and it’s the only well integrity system of its kind that’s easy to mobilize rapidly by plane or truck.


6. Environmental and groundwater protection

It’s critical that we all do as much as we can to prevent harm to the environment through reducing exposure to hydrocarbons, promoting sustainable practices and performance. Leaks from a well into ground water or drinking water can obviously have catastrophic repercussions. Octopoda’s targeted and long lasting leak repair technology, including advanced corrosion protection, effectively prolongs an asset’s life, delaying the onset of P&A by several years. Learn how Octopoda was used to displace base oil with water in the A annulus for Chevron in a world’s first project here.


7. No workover rig or heavy equipment

Being able to intervene through the annuli means you don’t have to wait for and then deploy a rig for intervention. And because time is money, that creates a significant financial saving. How much? Well, we recently repaired a major operator’s integrity issue without having to recomplete the well and use a jack up. That saved them more than $1million, read the case study.


8. Customization for different well types

No one well is the identical to another, and integrity issues vary widely. That’s why Octopoda was designed to solve whatever challenges you face. Its smart integration with reliable digital fiber and reporting systems enables users to benefit from early adoption and new technology, enabling you to make key decisions and deliver with confidence.


Have you watched our recent webinar all about Octopoda? Click here to listen now.

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