3rd November 2023

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) has recognized energy services provider, Expro (NYSE: XPRO), with three prestigious awards, showcasing the Company's commitment to technological innovation and excellence in the offshore energy sector.

The OTC Brazil Spotlight Awards program, an annual event celebrating the latest and most advanced technologies in offshore energy, recently acknowledged Expro's significant contributions to the industry with three out of the four awards presented.

Spotlight on Technology Awards - Expro was honored with two Spotlight on Technology Awards for its well integrity Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing™ (DFOS) processing and visualization software and the well construction Consolidated Control Console, Centri-FI™.

Expro's Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing (DFOS) processing and visualization software was acknowledged for providing users with rapid access to essential data, eliminating the challenges associated with big data processing. This innovative technology is designed to allow for seamless integration with other well data within hours of DFOS acquisition, leading to better-informed decisions and interpretations and enabling robust remediation and intervention efforts.

The Company’s Centri-FI™ Consolidated Control Console demonstrates its capability to provide a hands-free solution for a single operator managing multiple tubular running service tools through a user-friendly tablet interface. This interface empowers remote operations and offers real-time equipment status visibility to drillers and supervisors through automation, mechanical intelligence, and a digital system complete with safety interlocks.

Small Business Award - DeltaTek, an Expro company, was recognized with the award for its QuikCure® technology. The system, which leverages DeltaTek's SeaCure® inner-string technology, is an engineered process designed to circulate heated fluid after cement slurry placement. This groundbreaking technology reduces cement setting time by up to 70%, leading to more efficient and lower-risk zonal isolation operations.

Commenting on these achievements, Steve Russell, Expro’s Chief Technology Officer said, "These awards showcase the commitment and hard work of our talented teams at Expro and DeltaTek. We are honored to be acknowledged for our contributions to technological advancements in the energy industry. Our focus remains on delivering innovative solutions that drive efficiency, reduce risk, and support sustainable energy production across Brazil and all areas in which we operate.”

The awards serve as a testament to Expro's ongoing dedication to delivering forward thinking solutions that shape the future of energy industry, with a dedication to the Brazilian market.

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