Frank’s Collar Load Support System for Stands Featured in Recent Issue of Oilfield Technology

7th July 2020

In the latest issue of Oilfield Technology magazine, the Frank’s Collar Load Support System for Stands (CLS-S) was featured as a recent development in completions technologies and services. The CLS-S is a tubular handling system that allows the running of threaded and coupled stands of tubulars and single joints without causing damaging die penetration marks, helping to safely extend the life of wells.

Last year, the CLS-S was awarded the 2019 Hart Energy E&P Special Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation which “recognizes new products and technologies designed by people and companies who understand the need for newer, better and constantly changing technological innovation to appease the energy-hungry world.” The CLS-S answers that need with unique design, functionality, and compatibility with our proprietary Fluid Grip® Tongs that provides the industry’s only truly non-marking tubular handling system.

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