Surface well test equipment

As a major supplier of well testing equipment, Expro provides a range of systems suited to specific testing environments and has a proven track record. Our well testing equipment allows easy expansion of modules to handle future increasing and changing process conditions.

The pressure control is handled through an upstream test tree, ESD valve, data headers, choke manifold, HP pipework. Inlet and outlet data headers allow the safe monitoring of high pressure process conditions. The process stream once choked down through the choke manifold, passes through a raise the temperature of the process fluids for better downstream separation.

The test process stream continues on to the test separator, allowing the individual testing of wells for monitoring production rates. Safety systems consist of a closed loop ESD system providing manual and automatic safety shut-down. This is in addition to the relief valve and rupture disks integrated into the process equipment.

Real-time monitoring of process conditions is handled by the Edge X data acquisition system which monitors separated process streams, process temperature and pressure at critical points.

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