BarrierCure utilizes the SeaCure™ inner-string to mechanically activate a valve that is run at the bottom of a casing or liner, immediately after the primary cement job as part of the cement placement string.

BarrierCure™ - One trip cementing and well barrier creation

This eliminates or significantly shortens the shoe track, providing a gas-tight, V0-rated mechanical barrier. This system also eliminates the clean out trip and bridge plug run, allows negative testing, balanced plug placement and displacement to suspension fluid in one trip, saving multiple days of rig time.


Production casing or liner strings where suspension necessary following cementing operations for:

  • Long and short-term suspension
  • XT installation
  • Weather-related riser LMRP unlatching
  • BOP maintenance


  • Internal assembly is PDC drillable
  • Activated using Expro Cure Technology
  • Primary cement through BarrierCure without exposing critical seals or sealing surfaces
  • Immediate, post-cementing V0 barrier establishment
  • Gas tight barrier in place post cementing
  • Safe dedicated wiper/scaper run
  • Safe round trip to install a barrier
  • Safe round trip to displace fluids on the bottom
  • Fluid circulation and suspension for Immediate abandonment operations


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